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Women's Self Defense Seminars

  •  Walking to your car alone at night   
  •  Being in unfamiliar surroundings
  •  Standing in a crowded subway or train platform 
  •  Being the recipient of unwanted male attention
  •  Having your family near and wanting feel you can protect them....
These are all situations where knowing how to handle yourself, having a strategy on where/how to exit,and being confident that you have the power and ability to protect yourself and your loved ones, is invaluable! 
At Israeli Krav Maga CT, we apply the hand-to-hand combat system of the Israeli military to very common day settings so that you are trained to handle whatever comes your way.
On the last Sunday of every month we host a 2-hour Women's Self Defense Seminar on different scenarios where we teach you specific strategies for avoidance as well as defensive maneuvers specifically created to get you out of harms way in under 10 seconds. Seminars run from 10 am- 12 pm and do not require reservations.
Cost is $40.00 at the door.
We hold safety at a premium. At no point will your learning place you in a position where you will feel unsafe or unprotected.Our goal is to keep the situations real, the class fun and the training active.

Another core belief at Israeli Krav Maga CT is that good body conditioning increases your chances for success. We incorporate best-of-breed body conditioning techniques to improve your cardio, increase your strength and quicken your reflexes.

Every attacker has the innate belief that they hold the advantage over their intended victim. 

At Israeli Krav Maga CT we have a different belief: "Every attacker has a plan...until they get hit!"Come to our seminars and learn how to become a confident, lean and formidable opponent.


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