Law Enforcement Training



has taken important steps in refining Krav Maga for the Needs of American law enforcement.


Officer safety- before and during a confrontation is our paramount concern. We deal with compliant, resistive, assaultive/high risk and life threatening situations.

Our simple to learn curriculum does not require size, strength or athleticism to master. Our philosophy is to focus on strategies and techniques that will work well under stress with minimal training. Since use-of-force rules are constantly evolving as are the threats to LEO, we teach our simple yet full curriculum to our LEO clients and let them choose how and what to utilize while on duty. The only modification we make to the curriculum is an added focus on moving an assailant into an appropriate cuffing position.

       Our modules include:

  -Empty Handed Offensive and Defensive tactics

          -Ground Survival

          -Knife and Impact Weapon Survival

                                                -Gun Defense




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