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Stretching Class

  • Tighter Abdominals
  • Increased Strength &Stamina
  • Awareness through Breathing & Relaxation 

Based upon the Thompson Method, which works deeply in the balance between strength and flexibility of the bodyʼs core muscles.  A strong and flexible core will strengthen your back, flatten your stomach and improve your posture.

The Thompson Method utilizes a more natural way to develop total coordination and work your core muscles at the same time. This core exercise routine is not only kinder to your body but also more enjoyable to perform.

A one hour program consists of specially designed exercises that stretch, tone and condition muscles that most exercise programs do not begin to address. The emphasis in the program is on strength and flexibility of the core muscles. Until now this type of exercise training was limited to dancers and gymnasts.

Gus Bottazzi has been a student and certified trainer for Bill Thompson for years.The emphasis is on the individual in all classes. Gus is trained to correct faulty exercise techniques; to diagnose individual injuries and weaknesses; and motivate all his clients to a higher level of fitness and general well being.


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