Our Membership Plans

Israeli Krav Maga-CT is pleased to offer the flexibility of 4 different levels of membership to our new flagship facility:


Level 1  

(Open Gym)                                                                                             

Gets you access to all our conditioning equipment to workout    

 (Jump ropes, boxing equipment, conditioning equipment)

$30.00 / month 


Level 2

(Conditioning Membership)

Access to all of the above plus unlimited conditioning classes

(MMA Bootcamp, Cardio Bag Class, Flexibility Training)


Level 3

(Self Defense Membership)

Access to Level 1 & 2 + unlimited self defense classes

(Adult Krav Maga, Women's Self Defense, Friday Night Fight Club)

$179.00 / month 

Level 4

(Private Training Membership)

Access to Level 1-3 + 10 weekly private sessions.

Monday- Friday (8am-8pm), Weekends (8am-5pm)

$1,250 for  10 weeks or $2,300 for 20 weeks

Monday- Friday (before 8am, after 8pm), Weekends (before 8am, after 5pm)

$1,750 for 10 weeks or $3,000 for 20 weeks

Krav For Kids / Teens

Unlimited Krav Maga for kids / teens.

Classes offered 5 Days per week.

$179 per month, no commitment

$149 per month, 4 month commitment



I Love Kickboxing Norwalk Ct

   261 Main Ave

   Norwalk, CT. 06851