We are proud to instruct Krav Maga as is presently taught and evolving around the world. Israeli Krav Maga-CT promotes Imi Lichtenfeld's vision of Krav Maga: through continuous training and evaluation of situations, solutions are adapted and taught that fit the abilities of the defender and circumstances of a threat. Indeed, self-defense, we believe, is not a "color by numbers" system as no two attacks will ever be identical. Each of our instructors continues their individual martial arts training through regular attendance at seminars and master classes run by prominent Krav Maga experts spanning every major Krav Maga federation.

Krav Maga (“contact combat”) is the official self defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces, Israeli National Police, and security services. Krav Maga is a superior, world-renowned martial art, self defense and combat fitness training method to achieve top physical shape while learning real self-defense and fighting techniques.

Our self defense instructors integrate full body conditioning into all of our martial arts classes. While one of the truly elegant aspects of Krav Maga is the ability to be effective in combat regardless of age, strength or flexibility, we introduce a series of conditioning drills and programs which help ensure optimal performance during the most strenuous and stressful conditions.

We pride ourselves on teaching leading edge techniques for self-defense as well as taking all our clients through best of breed training principles for overall body health.

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge to the use of weapons, we offer that training as well. We use a Kali based system to learn how to use the knife and/or stick offensively. Whether it is a self-defense tool you regularly carry or just a weapon of opportunity found in the moment, you can learn the correct use for your own self protection.

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